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Emergency Services

HurricaneSince 2004, we have been supporting state and local businesses around the Southeast during hurricanes and other disasters. Having access to fuel at terminals in 44 cities has enable us to bring fuel to any emergency, no matter where the damage occurs. Since each event is unique, pre-planning is key to minimizing challenges. The more pre-planning is done, the less the response time for you to see fuel arriving.  Pre-staging of tankers and small delivery trucks shortly before storm arrival has proved to be invaluable for our customers. Both State and Federal agencies plan this way for First Responder needs (Search & Rescue, police, fire dept, hospitals, doctors, etc.).  Please call us to discuss what type of emergency service program you should consider implementing.

Below are some web sites to visit to start formulating a pre-planning check list for your situation. Some are family oriented, but ideas can be incorporated. Plan ahead, because without power you will not be able to access information. Therefore be sure to print out and keep off-site all plans, including contacts names, numbers and key addresses.